From Revolution Club, Chicago:

Revolutionaries Arrested at Good Friday Peace March

April 14, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



Update, Friday night: The two Revolution Club members were released as of 8:30 pm. They are charged with violating several city ordinances. People should continue to protest the outrageous arrests of the Revolution Club members and demand that all charges be dropped.


We received this press release:

April 14, 2017
Immediate Release
From: Revolution Club Chicago
Press Contact: 773-329-5014

Two women who are members of the Revolution Club, Chicago, were arrested this morning as they brought a revolutionary solution to Cardinal Cupich's Good Friday March for Peace on the South Side of Chicago.

The Revolution Club was carrying a banner that read: “Oppressed people who are unable, or unwilling, to confront reality as it actually is are condemned to remain enslaved and oppressed.” The Revolution Club's signs and message: “If praying could have stopped our youth from killing each other, it would have stopped a long time ago” and “If you are going to pray—pray that our youth get into the revolution—and support them when they do.”

The cops arresting them said they didn't have a permit and couldn't be in the street—at a procession that was marching in the streets. It is not known what exactly they have been charged with at this time.

This is outrageous. What? You are only allowed to pray for an end to violence among the people but not to call for an end to the system that is responsible for the situation our youth are caught up in in the first place?

It amounts to suppression of speech because the politics are revolutionary.

These two revolutionaries must be released and any charges against them must be dropped.

And we are calling on everybody to call Chicago Police Department's 7th district in Englewood, 312 747-8220 (this is where we think they are being held). 

Press—for more information: call 773 329-5014.




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