Hundreds at Town Hall Slam Democratic Senator for Conciliation with Fascism

April 19, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

California senator Diane Feinstein got an earful from a raucous crowd at a rare town hall meeting in San Francisco on Monday, April 17. Nearly a thousand people showed up to let her know how angry and outraged they are by her conciliation with the Trump regime.

Outside the hall, as people were lining up to get in, Refuse Fascism gave everyone a few questions to ask Feinstein and challenged people to raise them to her: Why doesn’t she call out Trump as a FASCIST? Why does she conciliate with fascism?

Inside, Feinstein was heckled from the start about her approval of a number of Trump appointees and her support for the bombing of Syria. She tried to shut down the criticism by insinuating she knew much more about the situation than her critics. The audience, largely people affiliated with Indivisible, responded with loud boos.

Then the audience really became electrified when someone from Indivisible, whose mother was a Holocaust survivor, asked why Feinstein wasn’t speaking out against the fascists in the White House. “Is there a red line that the Democrats ... are going to draw where you say we’re not going to work with these fascists in the White House? We can’t normalize it, we can’t have business as usual!” According to RawStory, “When Feinstein failed to lay out a clear plan for dealing with ‘fascists’ like Bannon, the audience grew increasingly agitated. ‘What are you doing about it?’ members of the audience demanded.”



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