A Letter to Prisoners on the Situation in Chicago:
“There Is a Role for You To Play in Turning This Shit Around”

April 17, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


To Prisoners:

The Revolution Club is in Chicago taking the leadership and the science the people need to get free to the masses who are currently shooting and murdering each other. They are out on the front lines fighting relentlessly to get the youth to stop killing each other and get into the revolution.

There is an important role for you to play to be part of turning all this shit around. Every prisoner or former prisoner who has been caught up in the gang life themselves, and has any sense that our youth are capable of so much more than running around killing each other, has an obligation to speak to these youth. Get at your young homies in the streets, tell them that there are revolutionaries out there that they have to get with. There are offices on the Southside and soon on the West Side that they could walk into to get with the Revolution Club. Tell them to get with this revolution and leave that shit behind. Nobody else has to die before we can recognize that we’re getting played and get organized for an actual revolution, a revolution that aims to overthrow this system—the real enemy of the people.

Recently in the streets of Chicago, seven people were shot dead in the span of twelve hours and within four blocks. (“Black People Killing Each Other in Chicago Carl Dix says: Get Out of This Insanity and Get Into the Revolution”) People, whose only hope for any kind of a future depends on whether or not they’re able to come together, are shooting and murdering each other. All this while the grand wizard Trump, the modern-day Hitler, is at the head of the system that rules over them, the very system that created the conditions and shaped the choices that has got us seeing and treating each other as our own worst enemy.

But there is a way out! We don’t have to lay down and accept the shit that’s going to come down on us. There is a way to fight back that can lead all the way out of all this oppression. We can make an actual revolution that will get us to a whole radically different world. We have the strategy, the program and the leadership that we need for this revolution.

Revolutionaries who are fighting to get to a situation where we can overthrow and bury this whole goddamn system have mobilized and are out on the front lines of Chicago. They are taking the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA) and the Revolutionary Communist Party to the masses, struggling with them to unite to fight for the people against their real enemy and to get organized into the revolution.

You can make important contributions—right now. This life is not over. Talk to these youth, fight to change the mentality of these youth. There is a different future to fight for that will require more daring and sacrifice, more courage and commitment than fighting for small plots of territory that we don’t even fuckin own or control. We’ve been played for far too long and it’s brought us to the brink of extinction. Too many of us are dead or locked inside prisons who have come to realize how senseless killing each other really is and we have a role to play.

You may be inside a small cell surrounded by nothing but concrete but you are not helpless. If you’re holding Revolution newspaper in your hands, you’ve come across the way out. You’ve come across the most scientific and advanced understanding of the problem and the solution. You’ve come across the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA), who’s developed the science, the method and approach, that can and must be wielded to make an actual revolution. You can learn and deepen what you may already understand and fight to change the situation on these streets from behind those walls.

Write to your homies, write to this paper and reach out to every one who needs to know that their life could have real meaning and purpose by fighting and dying for a whole new world.




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