--> Organize Teams to Get Revolution Newspaper Into the Hands of Thousands of People!

Organize Teams to Get Revolution Newspaper Into the Hands of Thousands of People!

April 21, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


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Get this issue of Revolution out during the 10 Days of Resistance, and walk through with people the pages of this paper. The Call from Refuse Fascism is featured on the cover and inside. Each of the “5 Stops” is spoken to from the perspective of making revolution. There is a piece from BA (“The Fascists and the Destruction of the ‘Weimar Republic’... And What Will Replace It”), an excerpt from the interview with Ardea Skybreak, and a page on what people can do right now to get involved. There is a letter to prisoners and a statement from Carl Dix on Black people killing each other in Chicago. And more.

People all over the country need to get Revolution at this critical juncture in history. It speaks to the burning questions of the day, brings forward a revolutionary analysis of and solution to the crimes of this system—the revolution we need, and most of all promotes the leadership we have to make this revolution. It promotes the New Communism forged by BA.

On this basis and to accomplish the goal of getting the paper out broadly, the newspaper distribution team should aim to get out hundreds and even thousands of papers at the protests. Form up a team and set a realistic but ambitious goal for distribution. (On a practical level, this will mean orienting people ahead of time, and solving logistical problems in advance—for example, making sure the papers get to the protest, having the means to carry lots of papers in shopping carts or hand trucks, people showing up on time, prepared, and so forth.)

If possible, people on the team should take on different tasks. One person can agitate with prepared agitation of about two minutes. Some people can pass out the paper and others should collect money. Have large signs or a banner which promote BA and The New Communism.

The team should work together, with the agitator and the banner attracting people while the distributors broadly pass out the paper and those collecting funds actively raise funds. Right up front, call on people to “Give as much as you can! Be generous!” And as the team circulates throughout the crowd, be sure to encourage people to get e-subs, promoting the links to social media and have contact cards to pass out to people and collect from them.

The team will not be able to get into in-depth discussions when getting out large number of papers, but again, the paper speaks for itself. Utilize it. Let people look through it and experience the scope of what it speaks to, from the Call for Refuse Fascism to Bob Avakian and The New Communism.


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