May Day 2017 Around the World

May 1, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


In cities and countries around the world, people protested for May Day 2017. Here are initial photos.

May 1, 2017

With the fate of the whole world in the balance,

Humanity Needs
Revolution and
the New Communism!

Never has the need for revolution been more acutely posed than it is now. Today, the fabric of society is being pulled apart all over the world. The ruling classes find themselves in crisis. In the face of this, the Trump/Pence regime has come to power in the U.S. to impose a fascist regime. They are putting into place a violent reinforcement of white supremacy and misogyny in all its forms, with genocidal implications; a brutally aggressive “America First” national chauvinism; and the demonization and severe repression of those who would defy this.

Meanwhile, this whole capitalist-imperialist system wreaks wanton destruction on the planet. This destruction, along with economic plunder of the world and wars for empire, has driven tens of millions of people out of their homelands to seek refuge. Once out, they face death on the high seas or in the desert, because the imperialists have locked down their borders; those who escape are cruelly confined behind stockades and razor wire. In every imperialist country, with the U.S. leading the way, immigrants are demonized and persecuted, and whole peoples are denied their basic humanity and their rights. Further: one half of humanity—women—are daily degraded, exploited, mocked, enslaved, raped, and murdered, everywhere on this planet. Within the U.S., Black and Latino people continue to be brutalized and murdered by police and incarcerated in record numbers—with threats of far worse in store. On top of all this, the Trump/Pence regime now threatens war and brandishes nuclear destruction, intentionally strutting like gangsters and madmen as they do.

BUT—there IS an answer to this madness. There is a way out and a way forward: Bob Avakian’s New Synthesis of Communism gives people the way to understand the world, and transform it through revolution. Bob Avakian—BA—has drawn from the breakthroughs and experience of past revolutions, as well as other forms of human endeavor, and put revolutionary communism on a more scientific foundation. BA has developed a scientific approach to the world that everyone can take up; the strategy that can actually overthrow these imperialists; and the blueprint, once power has been won, for a revolutionary society on the road to ending all oppression, exploitation, and destructive conflicts between human beings.

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Workers at May Day rally in Bloemfontein, South Africa call for the South African President Jacob Zuma to step down. (AP photo)

Garment workers at May Day rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (AP photo)

Workers try to remove razor wire in order to continue their march towards the presidential palace, Jakarta, Indonesia, Monday, May 1, 2017. The rally called for increasing the minimum wage, banning outsourcing practices, free health care and improved working conditions. (AP photo)

Raising HAYIR (NO) at a May Day protest in Ankara, Turkey.

Protesters and riot police face off as the May Day march approaches the U.S. embassy in Manila, Philippines. (AP photo) 






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