A Message to Those Who Claim to Defend “Free Speech”…

June 6, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


A Message to all those, including those “liberals and progressives,” who were so quick to denounce the students at Middlebury, the people at Berkeley, and others who have rightly and righteously protested and sought to shut down speakers who spew forth and lend “legitimacy” to fascist poison and aid the fascist regime in power—to those, who in attacking these anti-fascist protests, have raised, erroneously in those cases, the banner of “free speech” and “free expression”—where are you now? Are you rallying to the defense of Kathy Griffin, in the face of what is in fact a real and very serious attack on her and on the right of artistic freedom of expression, by very powerful and dangerous forces? And, if not, why not?!






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