The Trump/Pence Regime on People of the World

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The people of every country are full human beings, and not collateral damage to be subjected to massive bombing, invasions, occupations, the danger of nuclear war, and a program of “America First” that would bludgeon them into submission. 

The Trump/Pence Regime on People of the World:

What they have done

  • The U.S. is waging war, in one form or another, in six countries—Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia, killing thousands.
  • Trump now has his finger on the nuclear trigger and has repeatedly threatened North Korea with war, including a nuclear holocaust—“fire and fury like the world has never seen.” Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis warned of genocide: “The end of its regime and the destruction of its people. National Security Adviser McMaster states the U.S. is preparing all military options including preemptive war.
  • During Trump’s campaign, he asked a foreign policy expert three times: If we have nukes, why can’t we use them?
  • The U.S. has deployed attack aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines off North Korea’s coast and carried out provocative military maneuvers, including flying nuclear capable B-1B bombers near its borders. With other powers, imposed new economic sanctions cutting North Korea’s meager annual export revenue by one-third.
  • Twice deployed warships within 12 miles of islands in the South China Sea claimed by China, Taiwan, and Vietnam to challenge their claims and assert U.S. supremacy and “freedom of navigation.”
  • In Iraq, U.S.-led forces killed an estimated 40,000 people in their nine-month campaign to take the city of Mosul from ISIS. Much of western Mosul was leveled by 2,000 U.S. air strikes and the 29,000 munitions fired by the U.S.-led coalition. Nearly a million residents were forced to flee and hundreds of thousands remain in refugee camps. After the U.S.-led Iraqi forces took control, there has been torture and summary executions.
  • In Syria, U.S. air strikes in and around the city of Raqqa have led to the “staggering loss of civilian life,” more than 1,300 since the start of 2017.
  • U.S.-supplied white phosphorous munitions have reportedly been used in the heavily populated cities of Mosul and Raqqa. White phosphorous munitions are toxic, stick to the skin, and burn so hot they can create deep second- and third-degree burns. Under international law, they’re banned from use in populated areas.
  • Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis dismisses civilian casualties as “a fact of life.”
  • Stepped-up threats against Iran, which has been abiding by its 2015 nuclear deal with the U.S. and other powers, while the U.S. has imposed new sanctions violating it. Trump has ordered his staff to find ways to break the agreement, which would be a major step toward confrontation.
  • Finalized the largest arms sale in U.S. history with Saudi Arabia—$110 billion in tanks, bombs, helicopters, and other equipment immediately, with tens of billions more likely to come.
  • Explicitly supported the Saudis’ war in Yemen, which has led to over 10,000 civilian deaths, 17 million without enough food, looming famine, and a rapidly spreading epidemic of the preventable disease cholera, which now infects 500,000 Yemenis and has killed nearly 2,000. On average, one child under the age of five dies of preventable causes every 10 minutes.
  • Yemen has been hit by more U.S. air strikes than in all of 2015-2016 combined.
  • In March, the U.S. resumed drone attacks in Pakistan.
  • In Afghanistan in April, the U.S. carried out 296 bombing strikes—its highest monthly total in five years.
  • Dropped the world’s largest-ever non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan in April weighing 11 tons and nicknamed MOAB—the “mother of all bombs.” Trump called MOAB “another very, very successful mission.”
  • U.S. Special Forces are now deployed in 70 percent of all the countries on Earth.
  • Backed brutal dictators including Philippines’ president Duterte, who has murdered over 7,000 people he claims are drug users or dealers; Egyptian president al-Sisi, who has arrested, imprisoned, and/or tortured thousands of dissidents; and has sold military equipment to the Nigerian government, which has bombed internal refugees.
  • Launched the world’s largest, deadliest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, capable of carrying more warplanes and weapons, and launching more air strikes than any before.
  • Pushed a House bill to spend $788 billion on the military, $68.1 billion more than the last Pentagon budget.
  • Slammed U.S. borders shut and demonized Muslims and refugees during the greatest global displacement crisis in history. Over 65 million people (half are children) are fleeing wars, violence, and persecution.

What they said they will do 

  • The commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet said “the answer would be yes,” if he were ordered by Trump to launch a nuclear attack on China.
  • Deployed another 3,000 to 5,000 troops to Afghanistan. Discussing the profitable exploitation of the country’s mineral deposits estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • “Torture works,” insists Trump. Guantánamo stays open. Illegal torture including water boarding is being re-approved. Trump plans to bring back the CIA “black sites.”
  • Trump’s CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls torturers “patriots,” Guantánamo “honorable and professional” and “a goldmine of intelligence,” and NSA spying “a very valuable asset for the intelligence community and for law enforcement.”
  • Trump recently declared the U.S. would remain “the most powerful nuclear nation in the world, by far.”





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