To the Brave Fighters and Dreamers of July 15

From the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

July 14, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


This statement will be read at protests across the country on July 15, 2017.


On behalf of the Revolutionary Communist Party, I want to salute everyone who came out today. Everyone who stood up to the intimidation and threats, everyone who fought through the defeatism that’s out there, everyone who has responded to the relentless implantation of fascism with that most eloquent of answers: NO! We especially salute all those who over these past months have birthed the absolutely essential organization that is Refuse Fascism, and especially those of you who were living your lives and then answered the call posed by events and have thrown so much into this. This vehicle of Refuse Fascism is precious and the time is now for it to get far bigger, far stronger, and far more all-embracing so that we can drive out this regime before it’s too late!

Continue to not just resist, but go further in this battle. This is life and death for tens of millions of people and maybe more. Let’s struggle in the days to come to draw out every lesson we can from today and everything that has led up to this; let’s interrogate what we’ve done and then let’s do better... because the stakes are way too high to do anything less. Today can be and must be not just a “good thing to do,” but a point of departure for a whole new level of struggle.

But we want to ask you to go further, too. Listen to this invitation from the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Bob Avakian, or BA, on page 3 of this month’s issue of Revolution:

An Invitation
From Bob Avakian

Let’s go on a crucial journey together—full of unity against oppression and lively struggle about the source of the problem and the solution. Pursue your own convictions—that the outrages that move you are intolerable—to their logical conclusion, and be determined not to stop until those outrages have been eliminated. And if this, as well as learning about other outrages, and ideas about how this all fits together and flows from a common source—and how it could all be ended, and something much better brought into being—leads in the direction of seeing not only the need for bold and determined resistance, but also the need for revolution and ultimately communism, then don’t turn away from that because it moves you beyond your comfort zone, challenges what had been your cherished beliefs, or because of prejudices and slanders. Instead, actively seek to learn more about this revolution and its goal of communism and to determine whether it is in fact the necessary, and possible, solution. And then act accordingly.

There’s a way to take up that invitation. Get into BA. Read THE NEW COMMUNISM, which puts forth just what it says—a new communism, a way to scientifically understand and transform the world, to make revolution and to keep that revolution on the road to emancipation. Get into The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, which lays out a blueprint and framework for the radically new and far, far better world that really is possible through that revolution. Pick up and carry with you BAsics, the handbook for revolutionary fighters.

Here’s a chance, and a challenge, to learn where this madness we’re fighting today came from... how it flows out of a SYSTEM, of capitalism-imperialism. To learn WHY we need a revolution, and why that revolution can and must overthrow the system. To learn how such a revolution could actually come about. And to learn about your role in it.

Go to every day, and learn how events fit together and what they mean for revolution. Go to Revolution Books if there is one near you. Join the Revolution Club, where you can not only learn about this but be part of fighting the power as part of making revolution, taking on every outrage and fighting in every corner of society, where you can change the world and change yourself in the process, with people just like you and with people very different from you, in a spirit of struggle and questioning and courage and love.

Let’s go forward together, let’s drive out this regime, and let’s move on then to build a whole new world where the hellish nightmares of today really are no more, and humanity can truly flourish.




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