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ALERT: At least five members of Revolution Club, Chicago arrested for challenging “unofficial” martial law in South Side

July 21, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


Chicago Pigs Swarm and Arrest
Revolution Club

Revolution Club, Chicago, Press conference at 7th District Chicago Police Department

Twice this morning 7th district police sent over 10 cars of cops out to mob and arrest at least 5 members of the Revolution Club on 57th and Racine. People in the neighborhood not only objected to this attack, but took video of it.

What was the crime of these revolutionaries?

Standing with a banner urging people to defend and exercise their rights, and to learn about, and get into, the movement for revolution. This neighborhood has been the target of what can only be described as “unofficial” martial law for the past several weeks, with police forbidding people to even be on the streets, harassing people for wearing revolutionary tee-shirts or blowing whistles when police appear, carrying out raids on simple holiday parties, etc. The Revolution Club had vowed to defy this illegal and illegitimate unofficial martial law, and that's what they were doing when the police assaulted them.

At 3 pm today, the Revolution Club will hold a press conference at the 7th district police station detailing what happened and outlining its response.




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