Trump Imploding? Look at Tuesday and Wednesday...

August 2, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



As liberal commentators largely focus on Trump’s legislative difficulties and talk about his “paralysis,” “chaos,” and “unraveling,” dramatic new moves in the fascist transformation of U.S. society continue to be rolled out at a rapid clip:

Tuesday: Re-segregating America: Trump’s Justice Department is planning to redirect its Civil Rights Division’s resources to investigating and suing universities over how white people are supposedly being held back by affirmative action, a concession to the struggle against the overwhelming and pervasive inequality and oppression of Black and other oppressed nationality people. Black and Latino people must still climb a Mt. Everest of historical and present oppression just to get an education. Black people make up only 6% of the students at the 100 top-tier U.S. colleges and universities, while making up 15% of the college age population. This is the same percentage as in 1994, but apparently still too high for the fascist Trump/Pence regime.

Wednesday: Cutting immigration in half: Trump welcomed a plan to cut the total number of immigrants and refugees admitted to the U.S. in half, effectively limited to well-educated English-speakers. The excuse is that low-skilled immigrants from the Third World take jobs from Americans and drive down wages, but somehow at the same time also don’t work and live off welfare. Along with mass deportations, militarization of the border and building of “the Wall,” this plan marks a major step in the regime’s “Make America White Again” program.

Wednesday: Secretary of State Tillerson Warns of “Open Conflict” with China: As U.S. and Chinese planes and warships—some nuclear-capable—play cat-and-mouse in the South China Sea, and six days after a U.S. admiral affirmed that yes, he would launch nukes against China if Trump ordered him to, Rex Tillerson declared the U.S.-China relationship was at a “pivot point,” and warned of “open conflict” if the current trajectory wasn’t changed, by China.

Wednesday: Trump's Climate Change-Denying Nominee Agriculture Department Post Revealed As a Rabid Racist. On July 19, Trump nominated billionaire Sam Clovis, an open climate-change denier as chief scientist for the Department of Agriculture. On August 2 it came out that for years Clovis, an Iowa Republican, had for years maintained a virulently racist blog. Typical of the ravings on this blog, Clovis denounced Black progressives as “race traders,” who supposedly whip up false claims of racism in order to gain power, money and influence. And he branded white progressives as “race traitors”—for standing up against the oppression of Black people

Does all this sound like the Trump/Pence regime “imploding”? No, this is fascism accelerating its efforts to consolidate power and implement its program.



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