A Prisoner on:
Confederate statues and “the hypocrisy and hatred that this country was not only founded on, but that defines it to this very day”

August 27, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The Revolution Club, Chicago, received the following letter from a prisoner at our organizing center:

To “The Revolution” and all those who stand in solidarity with our just and moral cause. I am writing to you from within the confining barriers of an american concentration camp, one of the countless voices silenced, terrorized, ostracized, and oppressed by the criminal system of injustice.

Watching the hypocrisy on both sides of the political isle disturbs and sickens me beyond description. Last night however, something was said by the right that angered me and brought me to attention. A Fox news commentator who was speaking on the subject of confederate statues being removed, had the audacity to act as if the Left was infringing upon the rights and liberties of these white elitist. This man claimed that the confederacy is a part of american history worthy of remembrance and that it is wrong for us to define the lives of america’s racist forefathers by their “single worse moments.” But is this not the very same standards that the Right hold american citizins to, to this day!?! As a convicted “criminal” am I not being defined by my “single worst moment”?...

The right and their criminal system of injustice define us by our “Criminal History” declaring us “Enemies of the state,” placing us on oppressive registries, and placing our entire life in criminal databases for use in future prosecutions so that they might better justify hiding us away in these torture camps they call “Correctional Institutions,” placating society. They shroud the countless atrocities committed within these dungeons on a daily basis by inducing false fears in the minds of people leading them to believe us unredeemable boogeymen to be feared, who deserve no second chance. While our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters are sold out and enslaved by this very system founded on the illusion of rights and liberties, that supposedly abolished slavery and that is supposed to be there to “protect and serve” us, ....we must endure the humiliation of confederate statues glorifying slavery and giving legitimacy to those racists white elitist whom embrace evil in the forms of bigotry and hatred.

By this standard in which the United States of Oppression is setting for the world, Germany would be justified if they chose to erect statues of adolph hitler as “historical monuments.” No decent or sane human being would ever stand behind or support the glorification of this genocidal tyrant yet america and its system of terror continue to fight in support of its own historical monsters! This summarizes the hypocrisy and hatred that this atrocious country was not only founded on, but that defines it to this very day. For this and many other reasons I am ashamed to have been born “american”....a citizin of a country that has written me as well as an entire segment of its population off as undesirable and unforgivable.

Down with Tyranny!

Down with Hate!

Down with Capitalism!




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