There’s A Fire In the Living Room and the Basement Is Filled With Gasoline… “But Let’s Not Lose Our Heads”!

September 22, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



James Rubin, an ex-State Department spokesperson for Clinton and Obama, recently wrote an article with the title, “Trump’s UN Speech Was Bad, But Let’s Not Lose Our Heads.” [Emphasis added]

Okay, so Trump went to the UN and threatened genocide against North Korea… threatened to break a treaty with Iran… threatened to invade Venezuela—but let’s not lose our heads. There’s an impulsive fascist with his finger on the nuclear button, and the whole logic of fascism is to never “back off” and to always “double down”… but let’s not lose our heads. Nazis march in the streets of Charlottesville, attack counter-protestors, and kill one of them, and Trump says some of those celebrating the violent enforcers and defenders of slavery are good people and goes on to equate the Nazis/Klansmen with the counter-demonstrators… but let’s not lose our heads. Operation Rescue invades abortion clinics, fascists have the run of Berkeley, murdering, brutalizing cops are given encouragement by Trump and Sessions (“don’t be too nice”)… but let’s not lose our heads. Immigrants live in terror, lunatics feel empowered to carry out hate crimes against people of color or Muslims, LGBTQ people are being shoved back into the closet… but let’s not lose our heads. Religious fascists—and that’s what they are, fascists—brag that they’ve never had such a “friend in the White House”… the environment is being sacked and gutted by the hour, with irreversible damage… truth itself is being rendered meaningless… but let’s not lose our heads.

James Rubin, there is both great irony and great crime in your piece. The great irony is that, evidently, you, James Rubin have already lost your head and any semblance of honest, rational judgment. The great crime is that you are trying to get others to do so as well, trying to turn off the alarm when the fire rages out of control and threatens at any time to engulf the whole planet.

Let’s keep our heads, and our conscience and hearts for that matter, and fully confront what this fascist regime means.



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