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Threats of nuclear war; reassertion of white supremacy; putrid abuse and hatred of women; attacks on immigrants and Muslims; attacking the rights of LGBTQ people; gleeful destruction of the environment in pursuit of profit—millions of people recognize this as a living nightmare. On the weekend of October 20-23, coast to coast, people went to green markets, to football games, to zombie festivals; people went on trains and public transportation, through middle class neighborhoods and into ghettos and barrios, bringing the message that THIS NIGHTMARE MUST END: THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO!

This was a stride toward letting some of those millions know there is a way out. And it needs to intensify in the days before November 4. People who hear about November 4 must themselves organize and get the word out to millions more. The future of humanity, the future of the planet really is at stake. There is no one else—the nightmare must end, and only the people can, and must, end it.

Some of the sights and sounds from the building towards November 4 are below. Also see “October 22, 2017—National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality ... Protesting Police Murder, Standing with NFL Players, and Organizing for Nov 4—Trump/Pence Must Go!

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Nov 4 — Locations



Brown Berets call for walkouts building up to Nov 4. Video from RefuseFascism.org

NYC, October 25

Revolution Club at Columbia University in NYC showing the trailer for the film "THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America: A Better World IS Possible" A Talk by Bob Avakian

UCLA, October 24

Posted on The Daily Bruin, a student newspaper at UCLA, October 24, 2017:

Submission: Intolerant policies warrant nonviolent protests, not civil discourse

In the context of a fascist regime in power, you cannot have “civil discourse” with fascists...

To advocate for civil discourse at a time when these ideas have the backing of the state – such as through threatening tweets from the president in support of these speakers – serves to fan the flames of fascism...

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Thursday, October 19, at Kenwood Academy High School, Chicago police swarmed Kenwood students after school, using force and intimidation tactics to attempt to stop the students from talking with organizers about the November 4 protests to drive out the Trump/Pence regime.

The Revolution Club went right back out to Kenwood High School the day after the police tried to literally drown out their interactions with the students. This time the police stayed away while the school security messed with the organizers and students, but they couldn't stop the students from signing the banner and getting organized for November 4th...

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New York City

UC Berkeley


“The Snake”

Donald Trump has used the lyrics to “The Snake” many times in speeches to demonize immigrants. He is twisting the song, and turning the message upside down! The words and music are by the legendary Oscar Brown Jr, father of Maggie & Africa. They have been outraged at Trump's misuse and distortion of the meaning of Oscar's words. Video from RefuseFascism.org



“Just want to thank the Refuse Fascism national office for your advice to focus this 4-day weekend on solving 2 problems:

“1) People are agonizing about all the sharpening ways this regime is advancing, and they don’t know about Nov 4 and the plans for protests day after day and night after night—AND their decisive role in this; and

“2) We must make significant advances in organizing new people to become organizers for Nov 4, bringing in many more of those who are agonizing and looking for a way to act.

“There were only two of us yesterday from the Detroit chapter. We went to the Eastern Market, and went over that advice before we started...

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New York City

“I asked myself, how could I spread the word? I spend a lot of time driving, so I painted it on.”

Houston, October 21: Zombie Festival Street Party

We went to a zombie festival street party. One person dressed up as a zombie, carrying a sign that read, this nightmare must end, the trump/pence regime must go. Nov 4th it begins. Ppl came up and said, yes this nightmare must end, and we told them, then you need to be part of making this happen-nov 4th. As others got out cards and pamphlets, once again challenging people to get actively organize for going to austin for nov 4th. Where will you be nov 4th?...

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Afro beat band Anitbalas takes the November 4 Pledge


Posters Up in 90 Stores – Enlisting People As We Went

Our team of 2, plus another friend who joined midway, just finished a trip down a couple miles of a major street in our city. We got almost 90 posters for November 4 out, mostly up, in stores, restaurants and street vendor carts. It was probably the most positive and heartfelt response we’ve gotten in a long time or ever. This area is a fast-gentrifying stretch that runs thru a large college campus, many small smoke shops, bodegas, wine shops, nail salons, laundries and restaurants which are being encroached on by chain stores in past 5-10 years.

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New York City

Challenging people in New York City at Union Square on why people need to throw in for #Nov4ItBegins

A military veteran with Refuse Fascism

Seattle, October 21

Los Angeles

Refuse Fascism Booth outside the Taste Of Soul. Organizing the thousands of people at the Festival. People took "Organizers Kit" and took up the call to bring this message to their Churches, One person said "I Don't go to church on Sundays, I go to the Casino" He took stacks of the Call for Nov 4, to his Casino.

Refuse Fascism out at a busy Metro station in Koreatown, Reaching hundreds of people and chalking the message of November 4th.

Oakland, CA, October 22




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