From a prisoner:

The political censors “would prefer that we remain miseducated or uneducated so that we cannot ‘Refuse Fascism’”

October 30, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


The following is from a prisoner who is responding and adding his name to the statement against the move by Global Exchange to withdraw fiscal sponsorship from the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF). As has written, “This action by Global Exchange is unacceptable on general principle, but particularly in the time of Trump, this is downright unconscionable.”

Dear PRLF,

Yes, Comrades, please add my name to the list of incarcerated Communists who wish to lend our names to the statement to Global Exchange’s new Dictator (... ahem, I’m mean director) Jeff Ordower.

The decision to politicize the rehabilitation of brothers and sisters by defunding the RCP is more than unconscionable; it is another shot fired in the war Amerikkka and its capitalist/imperialist allies have waged against Black and Brown men and women of poor or lower class distinction. It is a deliberate attempt to interfere with the edification and vitalization of the oppressed, suppressed, repressed, and depressed’s most pivotal minds in the universal struggle for change that is the New Communism B.A. awakens us to.

We are the most dangerous components of Revolution because no one feels more deeply than us the effects of racial and class caste systems, i.e. capitalism/imperialism through fascism under the guise of a so-called democratic republic (demonic states united). The news we’re given through the Revolution and, more recently, the newsletters that the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund is able to send us is vital to the new awakening and redirection of already revolutionary hearts.

Jeff Ordower would prefer that we either remain miseducated or uneducated so that we cannot “Refuse Fascism.”

This cannot be allowed to happen! So yes, I would like to lend my name to the Statement. But feel free to use my name. I do not fear reprisals; I fear complacency; and I am MORE than willing to stand at the front-lines and fight for the equality of all.

My name is:

[Name withheld from publication by PRLF]




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