Thoughts on Nov. 4, 2017:

“This speech challenged me to stand strong in a new way”

October 30, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


I am a Black 69-year-old retired public school teacher who has lived my life building for revolution in this country. I have been a supporter of the RCP since 1978. I have followed the line of this organization as it spoke to the highest interests of humanity: an end to oppression and inequality. It has taught me how to stand on the right side of history.

So, I have studied the writings and speeches of Bob Avakian for a while. At the insistence of my best sister friend, I studied the speech about Nov 4th. I got blown away with a 21st wind of analysis that spoke to the horrid reality of what we are living with, in real time. I had thought, “You know what he’s going to say” and quickly had to cast away that illusion. The analysis of history leading us to today’s world was clear & spot on. 

I had been going around after the incident in Niger, asking myself and others: 1 Why were they in Niger in the first place, 2 Why did it take so long for them to recover the body of the Black soldier, 3 Why did they so frequently fail to report the deaths of the soldiers from Niger. “African Lives Matter” also. When I posed these questions and others in discussion, I listened to answers of: “They served their country” or “They don’t care about the Why, just the How to stay alive as a Band of Brothers” or some other BS answer. When I asked why, I got blanks stares or “You’re always so angry.”

We are fighting “terrorism” when, as BA said, who is the only country in the history who used nuclear weapons against another sovereign country? The U.S.

Listening to BA was like a cool breath of fresh air to an asthmatic. I finally understood the basis of the national confusion: GTF! [referring to the "great tautological fallacy," which is discussed in BA's speech]. Starting with the false premise that: America is a great democracy. So whatever it does, no matter how heinous and cruel: drones killing civilian populations overseas, the suppression, brutalizations and murder of Black masses, the imposition of grueling globalization which grinds down and impoverishes millions worldwide, poisoning the environment for shortsighted “we don’t give a fuck,” the growing dummying down of the U.S. to mask the political agenda of destroying public education, widening the gap between the ruling class and everybody else. Unconscious people can go along with this, because they haven’t learned anything from the silence in Germany. Silence on the national level can give assent to unspeakable atrocities, AGAIN.

I understood human history with greater clarity, listening to Bob Avakian. The synthesis of the folly and development of the United States of Amerikkka was direct and straight to the point. The U.S. Constitution was written to give free rein to rich white landowners to plunder at will. I really liked the exposing of the real basis of Amerikkkan greatness: the economy built on the backs of African slaves, the theft of the national landscape by brutal murder/annihilation of indigenous peoples and cultures, the exploitation of those who came to the U.S., even to building the lines of the great intercontinental railways over the bodies of Chinese workers who fell down from exhaustion/disease/hunger. The wars the U.S. engaged in domestically or internationally were wars for the development of empire. It wasn’t about “upholding democratic ideas.”

It was refreshing and Marxist to hear that there was a plan, a way out of the cesspool as it were. The call for action on Nov. 4th clearly says there is something that we can do: sustained actions as much as possible, speaking to the highest interests of humanity. Breaking with Amerikkkan chauvinism that ultimately leads us back to: “Me & mine first.” Break with the concept that somehow Amerikkkans are better, more worthy that the people of other countries. We are living in fascism but the speech revealed another pathway, so we don’t just accept it. We have to work together with all that can be united to prevent the consolidation of fascism.

This speech challenged me to stand strong in a new way. We have a responsibility to the oppressed masses of the world to engage in this battle and continue to prepare for revolution. While I am temporarily sidelined by some health challenges, I have had several “grannies” over to watch the video of the speech and make plans. We are looking for ways to get the info out and participate. We will be connecting up with the rev forces in [my city].


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