A Call to WALK OUT of School!
Break the SILENCE!
Trump/Pence MUST GO! 

November 14, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


from a young Latina, from an East LA High School.

I'm a student who is currently attending Mendez High School in East LA. 

I am calling on people all over the country to join Mendez High School in the streets, to be heard, to WALK OUT!

We have decided to walk out for the second time, on Wednesday, November 15th, because we want to be heard! We want people to know that we are fighting for our rights and other people's rights!

One of the reasons we are walking out is because Trump and Pence think they are higher and better than us, they are changing the thinking of other white people to make them think they are higher than us, and making us think that we are nothing. But the truth is, without Mexicans, Immigrants and people from other countries, this country would really be nothing! And I think Trump shouldn't even be talking so much trash about Immigrants or anyone, because Trump himself has done so many messed up things in the past and have said so many messed up things about people! 

We decided to walk out the first time because we wanted people to notice that our school, is not going to let him continue to talk about how "bad" we are and how he's going to wipe us all out! And we are Walking out again, so people can see we won't be silent! 








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