Protests in the Streets After Trump's Ending of Temporary Protected Status for Haitian Refugees

November 21, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


On November 20, Trump announced his regime is ending the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians who were unable to safely return to their homeland because of devastating earthquakes and hurricanes. This means some 60,000 Haitians now in the U.S. could be forcibly deported or forced into the shadows by July 2019. People in different cities are taking to the streets in protest. Check at for more on the Trump/Pence regime's TPS decision this week.


Mar-a-Lago, Florida, outside Trump's "Winter White House"

Washington, DC:



New York - Outside Representative Peter King's office on Long Island, demanding that Temporary Protected Status be saved, and the passage of a clean DREAM Act.

Photo: Make the Road NY

Photo: Make the Road NY




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