Reader Comments on: BA’s “More on Choices...and Radical Changes”

December 11, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


A reader posted this comment on “More on Choices...and Radical Changes,” by Bob Avakian (BA):

If we had more of this kind of learning in school via philosophy courses, rhetoric, logic, and ethics, we would be better at knowing how to think instead of what to think. Instead, when I went to school, we all learned that America was the greatest, capitalism was the best, most efficient economic system, communism sucked and that if you couldn’t make it in life, you were either lazy, stupid, or made bad choices and you had no one to blame but yourself. Hardly anyone teaches us to think about the larger forces of system and culture that help to shape humanity into its present forms. Thank goodness for BA and a few other enlightened thinkers who not only envision and offer a plan for a better world, but who teach us how to think about building it!


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