The Democrats—An Alternative to Trump?

Then Why Is Schmuck Fumer One-Upping the Führer on Jerusalem?

December 25, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


The Democrats represent a real alternative to Donald Trump? Serious opposition to his fascist program? Give us a fucking break!

Führer Trump recently announced that the U.S. was moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Jerusalem has been part of historic Palestine for hundreds of years until Israel seized first West Jerusalem and then East Jerusalem in its bloody wars of conquest in 1948 and 1967. So Trump’s announcement is a big thumbs up to these outrages and a bright green light to the rest of Israel’s unceasing crimes against the Palestinian people—its apartheid rule, its ethnic cleansing, and its threat of genocide!

Trump’s announcement was so provocative and dangerous, and so blatantly unjust, that a huge majority in the United Nations voted for a resolution to condemn it. Nikki Haley, Trump’s UN ambassador, then threatened the countries that voted for that resolution with cut offs in aid, in a fairly naked gangster-like move.

All this is even more ominous as Trump has been working to pull together and support a coalition of Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran, with a real threat of war in the region.

So if the Democrats are attempting to provide a “sane alternative” to the bellicosity of the Trump/Pence fascist regime, then you’d think that they would oppose Trump’s incendiary move. Right?

Well, actually leading Democrat Schmuck Fumer aka Chuck Schumer, did blast Trump... for his “indecisiveness” on the issue of moving the U.S. embassy—that is, for not being rabidly pro-Israeli brutality enough!

You see, Trump didn’t say when the U.S. embassy would move, and he wouldn’t recognize Israel’s total control over all of Jerusalem (East Jerusalem remains home to over 400,000 Palestinians, nearly half the population of the entire city, and has been seen as a potential Palestinian capital in any “two-state” solution.)

The day before Trump’s announcement, Fumer urged Trump to recognize Israel’s control over an “undivided Jerusalem”—i.e., their right to formally annex the whole city in yet another massive assault on Palestinians. “President Trump’s recent comments suggest his indecisiveness on the embassy’s relocation,” Fumer told an Israeli news agency. “As someone who strongly believes that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel, I am calling for the US Embassy in Israel to be relocated to Jerusalem.”

And this foul shit isn’t even the worst of it. Fumer isn’t just pushing forward Israel’s murderous ethnic cleansing via open-air concentration camps and draconian repression. He’s not just modeling “bi-partisan backing” for massive military aid, covert ops cooperation, and diplomatic cover for Israel. He’s also setting up all those entering into the whirlpool of Democratic Party politics for complicity in war against Iran (or others) if things come to that, and war crimes right now against the Yemeni people. And when Trump launches such a war, how will they oppose his attempts to then even more openly and viciously crush dissent? If past experience is any guide, they will not oppose it at all—as they did not when Bush did the same.

So vote—in the streets, with your feet!


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