Taking NO! to 7-Eleven

January 12, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |



From a reader,

Yesterday the Trump/Pence fascist ICE police went after immigrants who work at 7-Eleven in a vicious surprise attack. ICE agents stormed various 7-Eleven’s across the country. (For full story go to Refuse Fascism put out a call for people to go out with the NO! posters to their local 7- Eleven’s, to stand with the immigrants who are under attack and put NO! posters in stores or all around the area.

We were able to get out to about five 7-Eleven’s in the Chicago Northside.  We would go in, make an announcement: “The Trump/Pence fascist ICE police were rounding-up people at 7- Eleven’s and targeting immigrants and deporting them, separating families. This is an emergency! There must be massive opposition to these attacks and Refuse Fascism is calling on everyone to post signs across the country and to go out to all demos and protests and stand with those immigrants who are under attack and for them to join up with Refuse Fascism”.    

After we spoke the very first 7-Eleven employee immediately said yes, post it inside the window! One white guy walking out said he had not heard about these raids; when I quickly explained he said, “this is happening in 2018?” I said yes, right at 7-Eleven’s. Another man came over and said he agreed with what was said and that this had to be taken on. He took a small bundle. Another employee said, “they can’t do this, it’s against the Constitution.” Others said to post outside the store as they didn’t have authority to put it up, but as one women who was from Southeast Asia said, “this is around the police raids; we will make sure people get the flier.”  All of the stores took extra Calls from Refuse Fascism to get out.

If everyone went out and posted NO! signs at all the 7-Eleven’s in their neighborhood and city and in and around them it would begin a strong statement about Refuse Fascism: “In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse a Fascist America!”



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