Get Organized into the Actual Revolution! What It Means to Join the Revolution Club

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When you get with the Revolution Club, you are representing for the revolution while learning more. When you are representing for the revolution, including with the BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less! T-shirt, you'll be living by and spreading the Points of Attention (scroll down this page), and showing people there’s a radically better way—a revolutionary way—we have to be moving, with a radically different morality and culture than the ugly and oppressive shit this system promotes. This revolution is about getting rid of this oppressive capitalist-imperialist system through an actual revolution at the soonest possible time, when the conditions are brought into being in a revolutionary situation. You will get ways to make a real difference now, in contributing to the revolution and preparing for those conditions. This includes spreading the word of the tremendous strengths we do have, in the leadership for an actual revolution in Bob Avakian (BA), in the strategy for this revolution, and in the vision for the radically different and far better society that will replace this system concentrated in the Constitution for a New Socialist Republic in North America written by BA—as part of the overall process to Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution. You will be working on the problems of the revolution in an increasingly collective way with others.


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