Statements from Donors to the
National Revolution Tour



Jan 31  (from someone who has donated several times to the Tour): 

I'm donating now because humanity is at a critical juncture. It is up to people here in the U.S. to take to the streets in a massive, non-violent way to demand the Trump/Pence regime #OutNow! because of the danger that they present to humanity, by further consolidating fascist rule in the U.S. The Democrats are unable and unwilling to go after the Trump/Pence regime on the basis of their crimes against humanity (Muslim ban, children in concentration camps on the border, threats against Iran, endangering the environment, etc.), due to the fact that they are part of the same capitalist-imperialist system that has given rise to the Nazi-in-Chief, Trump, but also they're afraid that if they call out the millions of people into the streets (who support the Democrats), it will get out of their control.

From a Sustainer to the National Tour who made an additional $100 contribution and sent this message: 

To support and honor the courageous RevComs who confronted the Brownshirts in Richmond. You are Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s hope for a new future.




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