Mao Tsetung



Mao Tsetung:
The Greatest Revolutionary of Our Time

For the Mao Tsetung Centenary 1893-1993

RW #731, December 26, 1993



Mao Tsetung stood with the poor people of the world and showed them the path to real liberation. RCP Chairman Bob Avakian said, ``Mao Tsetung was the greatest revolutionary of our time.'

Mao grew up in a society that was totally messed up. He saw people dropping dead of starvation in the streets, while a handful of exploiters grew fat and rich. He saw homeless people begging in the streets, as imperialist armies and bankers flooded into China. He saw young girls sold into slavery when their families could not afford to feed them.

Some people and movements tried to ``reform'' China. But Mao was not about begging exploiters to make things a little better. And he wasn't about simply loosening the chains around peoples' necks.

Mao was a TOTAL revolutionary. He didn't want to make peace with the system of feudalism and imperialism responsible for the suffering of the people. He hated how the rich and powerful treated the poor like dogs--kicking and spitting on them in the streets. And he wanted nothing less than an end to all exploitation and oppression.

Mao Tsetung was a real communist: He fought for a world without classes and without oppressors. He gave his whole life to the people. When poor peasants and workers rebelled against intolerable conditions, Mao stood with them and led them to take their struggle higher. He led the masses to wage armed struggle, to overthrow the system, and put the common people in charge of society.

After two decades of revolutionary warfare, Mao declared victory in 1949. He said, ``The Chinese people have stood up.'' Then Mao led the have-nots-- people who never had any power before -- to build socialism and revolutionize society from top to bottom.

Mao refused to become a party boss. When people right inside the Communist Party tried to bring capitalism back to China, Mao relied on the masses of people to fight these new oppressors.

Mao led the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which spread this truth to every corner of the world: It is right to rebel against reaction!

The famous ``Red Book'' was the most popular book on the planet. And from the Black liberation struggle to the war in Vietnam, the Chinese people supported revolutionary movements around the world.

With Mao's leadership, people on the bottom in China became conscious revolutionizers of society. All kinds of new things were accomplished -- things impossible under capitalism. In factories, hospitals, schools, farms, and in the arts -- the masses developed new socialist ways of doing things and relating to each other. Never before in history did the masses of working people have so much power to change the world.

When Mao died in 1976, new exploiters came to power in China and turned back the clock to capitalism. But Mao's legacy lives on strong.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mao Tsetung, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement has put out a new document for all to see on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Mao provides the oppressed with the guide to take matters into their own hands. It is this liberating scientific ideology that Mao inherited from the great revolutionaries before him and then further developed over 50 years of revolutionary struggle.

To all those who see how messed up society is and are searching for all-the-way liberation --MLM is yours to embrace and apply in the struggle to transform the world.

The constant motion and change of the world, the new replacing the old, those on the bottom bringing change through revolution -- this was the outlook and practice of Mao. And, as Chairman Avakian has said, ``We are Mao's successors.''

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