The real role of the Dalai Lama and the real history of revolution in Tibet are very different from what many people have been told. And the real solution for the people of Tibet can only be a struggle against those who restored capitalism in China and against the imperialist powers, who are now rushing to exploit the labor and resources of the region.

People, especially in the belly of the beast, have a responsibility not to be fooled or played--and to investigate the Emperor's clothes.

Part 1 of this series discusses how old Tibetan society was an extremely oppressive place: the vast majority of people were enslaved, brutalized and exploited by a tiny ruling class of aristocrats and top lamas (Buddhist priests).

Part 2 and 3 of this series describe how Maoists organized the oppressed class of Tibet to liberate themselves--seizing the land from old exploiters, abolishing centuries-old feudal privileges and superstitions, and developing collective new forms of ownership and power.

In Part 4 of this series we show that the reactionary coup in China brought ANTI-Maoists to power in 1976. This restoration of capitalism reversed Mao's policies in every area: As a result, rich and poor have re-emerged in Tibet's countryside, "Han chauvinist" policies threaten the culture and rights of minority peoples like the Tibetans, and the state's military power is directed against the people themselves.

In Part 5 we discuss the class nature of the Dalai Lama's forces in exile--describing how the exiled Tibetan ruling class helped create a contra army backed by the CIA and how they organized an oppressive class society in the camps of Tibean exiles.

In Part 6, we continue this examination of the Dalai Lama's class nature--focusing specifically on his recent proposals for Tibet and showing how they have nothing to do with the liberation of Tibet's people.

The True Story of Maoist Revolution in Tibet

by Mike Ely

Part 1: When the Dalai Lamas Ruled: Hell on Earth

Part 2: Storming Heaven

Part 3: Red Guards & People's Communes

Part 4: Oppression Returns -- After the Coup in China

Part 5: Life Under the Dalai Lama in Exile

Part 6:The Earthly Dreams of the Dalai Lama

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