Serve the People!.
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Revolutionaries Must Not Be Killed for Their Beliefs--
The People Must Defend Them

Revolutionaries, who embody the highest interests of the people and inspire the masses in fighting for these interests, are very precious to the people. And, particularly where revolutionaries hold firm to their principles in the face of persecution at the hands of the oppressors -- including long years in jail and the threat of execution -- it is extremely important for the people to rally to the defense of such revolutionaries and to refuse to accept the "right" of the oppressor to carry out this persecution and "legalized murder." This is the case with people like Geronimo Pratt, who was held in prison for years and years as a result of a frame-up and a continuing cover-up from the highest levels of government; and, in a very sharp and urgent way, this is the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, whom the government is moving to execute in the near future, on the basis of another frame-up and cover-up.

Bob Avakian Chairman of the RCP,USA, July 1995

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