Damián García está presente

Comrade Damián García, a much-loved member of the RCP, was assassinated by police agents in Los Angeles on April 22, 1980. He was out organizing the people for revolutionary May 1st actions. The authorities singled Damián out for revenge because he dared to raise the red flag of revolution on top of the Alamo--that ugly symbol of U.S. aggression and domination over Mexico.

Each year, as May 1st draws close, we feel Damián among us. We remember his revolutionary courage and his love of the people.


Damián García is dead
But in his death I came alive

Every day we are murdered bit by bit
I am 40 years old
A veteran, and a Black man
My brother has been murdered
Cold-blooded, gangster scum death
I'm running out of patience.

Damián García is dead
But in his death I came alive

He held the blood-red flag as his own blood flowed
I never knew I had a flag
Until Damián García died
Rage is nothing new to me
And I've seen death before
But I'm 40 years old and running out of patience

Damián García is dead
What you gonna do?

I'm gonna take his place, mothafuckers
And if you slit my throat and open my belly
I was dying anyway bit by bit
I lost an eye in the army, got shot in the back by a pig
I'm 40 years old, run out of patience
Ready for Revolution

Damián García is dead
But in his death I came alive

Pass me a red flag
Hand me a gun
And when the time comes and we all ready
I'll be one with millions
And I'll whisper to myself
This one's for you, Damián
'Cause in your death I came alive

Written by a prisoner in the Atlanta city jail, 1980