From El Diario: Armed Actions in Peru

Revolutionary Worker #907, May 18, 1997

The following are brief reports of actions in the people's war in Peru during the period of March to early September 1996, as reported in the June and October 1996 issues of El Diario published in Lima:


Lima, Ate Vitarte, Huaycán: Activists of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), execute with two bullets and then dynamite the body of the instigator of repression and defender of urban rondas [reactionary paramilitary squads organized by the government's Armed Forces] in Huaycan, Pascula Rosado.

March 10--Lima, Canto Grande: Devastating attack by PLA forces against the Edolear company. A bureaucratic capitalist company that exploits the people.

March 11--Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho: Members of the PLA simultaneously leaflet various shopping districts.

March 15--Lima, Canto Grande, Huascar shantytown: A PLA column confiscates an FAF rifle and ammunition from a soldier from the Three Crosses Battalion.

Ayacucho, La Mar, San Miguél Huahuasana district: A column of the PLA ambushes a reactionary army patrol, killing one captain and leaving several soldiers wounded.

March 17--Lima, Canto Grande: Members of the PLA attack the Vito S.A. gasoline refinery.

March 20--Trujillo, Tayabamba: A column of the PLA occupies the Gicomsa mining center and confiscate large amounts of dynamite and fuses. A local profiteer is executed.

Ayacucho, La Mar, San Miguel, Vista Alegre, area known as Machete: A column of the PLA ambushes a military patrol, killing two soldiers and leaving more than half a dozen wounded.

March 25--Junín, Tarma, Acobamba district: Columns of the PLA take over towns and agitate in support of the people's war.

Huancayo, Chanchamayo, San Luís de Chuaro: A column of the PLA confiscates weapons and wounds five ronderos, paramilitary forces.

March 28--Ayacucho, Tacrapunta, Huaytara: A column of the PLA blocks Los Libertadores highway and carries out agitation and propaganda in support for the armed struggle among the passengers.


April 5--Huaraz: Members of the PLA raise flags in the main streets. One member of UDEX [a special police force--RW] who attempted to bring down a flag was blown to pieces.

April 8--Tingo María, Leoncio Prado province, Padre Felipe Luyando district: Julio del Castillo Rodriguez, president of a self-defense committee, leader of the enemy rondas, is executed while driving. A company of the PLA shot him four times.

April 13--Huaraz, Uco, on the border with Ancash and Huánuco: Nine soldiers of the Huanuco counterinsurgency unit desert and join up with PLA forces, bringing with them a number of FAL military rifles, thousands of sticks of dynamite, ammunition and other military supplies.

April 18--Ayacucho, La Mar province, Anco district: A 60-strong column of PLA fighters takes over the town of Anchihuay, killing four paramilitary forces and wounding nine.

April 19--Ayacucho: In a series of ambushes and attacks in Irquis and the ravines of Cotonia, one officer and one soldier are killed along with two paramilitary forces, numerous wounded.

April 22--Junín, Satipo, Ene Valley: A column of the PLA attacks the military base in the Esmeralda Valley, killing eight lowlifes and leaving an equal amount of wounded.

April 23--Huancayo: A column of the PLA attacks the José Huertas Torres military base; in subsequent actions one rondero is killed.

April 29--Piura, Huancabamba: A column of the PLA blocks the highway near Indio and burns a bus belonging to the Civa company.


May 1--Lima, Huacho: A column of the PLA enters the towns of Andajes and in the extreme north of Churin executes a rondero, wounds two in a subsequent clash.

May 2--Lima, Villa El Salvador: An infiltrator into the Party who had managed to become responsible for logistics in the southern cone was killed by masses when his actions against the people's war were exposed. His public capitulation in the SIN newspaper contained this exposure.

May 8: An encirclement and suppression campaign launched by the reactionary army in Ayacucho, La Mar, Huanta, left behind genocide and disappeared.

May 16--Lima, San Isidro: A column of the PLA sets off a car bomb at the Shell refinery, destroying the refinery and five tankers. This is a Yankee imperialist company that is siphoning out our natural resources.

May 17--Lima: Members of the PLA hoist flags along the Central Highway, Plaza de la Bandera, Comas, Canto Grande, San Juan de Lugirancho, etc., to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the initiation of the armed struggle, the strategic equilibrium and the new power.


June 15--Alto Huallaga, San Martín, Palo Blanco: A company of the base forces of the PLA ambushes the murderers of the armed forces and kills two of the lowlifes.

June 18--Huacho, Oyon, 5 km. east of Huacho: A murderer from the National Police is killed in the stands of a stadium.

June 22--Tingo María: The main force of the PLA ambushes the reactionary forces, eliminating seven lowlifes.

Huanuco, Loencio Prado, Marona: Members of the Base Forces of the PLA enter the community and carry out agitation and propaganda in support of the armed struggle.

June 23--Alto Huallaga, San Martín, Tocache, Nuevo Progreso: Fighters of the Main Force of the PLA exercise the New Power all along the Marginal Highway. They also carry out propaganda and agitation in support of the armed struggle and vehicles are painted with the red color of the worker-peasant alliance. Applying the military strategies of Chairman Mao, they retreated to the base areas. All the reactionaries could do was to witness the undeniable presence of the women fighters among the revolutionary forces.

June 24--Alto Huallaga, Tocache: Report of an ambush carried out by the PLA against rondas and armed forces. One soldier and one paramilitary diehard are killed.


July 2--Tingo María, La Morada: Main forces of the PLA take over the city and carry out agitation and propaganda in support of the armed struggle. The Base Area supported the combatants with food and other supplies.

San Martín, Tocache, Polvora district, Santa Rosa de Mishollo: Members of the PLA ambush the reactionary army and leave several wounded. In a subsequent action, three representatives of the old order are executed, thus consolidating the People's Republic of Peru.

July 3--Lima, San Martín de Porres: Members of the PLA blow up the offices of the hated Edelnor company.

July 18--Tingo María, Las Vegas: The PLA holds a six-hour meeting with the population, organizing open and closed People's Committees. This is a way of destroying the old state and building the new power.

July 26--Lima: The PLA rocks Lima just two blocks from the reactionary Congress. Seven blocks from the Government Palace, the action against the 22nd division of the Peruvian National Police, headquarters of the genocidal assault battalion, where one lowlife was eliminated and four wounded along with the total destruction of the police headquarters, emphasizing what Chairman Gonzalo said, "They are dreaming if they think they will defeat us, let them keep dreaming". That morning the scum Fujimori could not even keep dreaming.

July 29: The PLA destroys the house belonging to the hated murderer Manuel Valera Gamarra, responsible for the counterinsurgency war in the Upper Huallaga. This action reminded him of the blood debt he has with the people for firing rockets on the base areas, the highest expression of genocide. The action not only stunned the murderous high command but their imperialist masters as well. The organized people hailed the action.

Lima, San Juan de Miraflores: Activists from the People's Liberation Front hoisted the colors of National Liberation.

July 30--Lima, Los Olivos, shantytown in San Martín de Porres: The PLA executes a cowardly snitch who claimed to be a mass leader while informing the enemy about the mass organizations developing in the midst of the powerful People's War. Epitafio Santa María Rodriguez paid with his life the blood debt he had with the Party.

Huancavelica, Palca: The main force of the PLA takes over three encampments of the Hillconsa company, destroying the enemy plan to gain an outpost in a territory of base areas. Combined forces made up of 30 combatants.


August 2--Tingo María, Aucayacu: The main force of the PLA took over the town and started organizing the New State, destroying the police station and wounding three down-in-the-mouth reactionaries. More than 300 combatants stayed in the town for three hours, carrying out agitation and propaganda in support of the armed struggle.

August 6--Trujillo: Members of the PLA execute a murderer of the National Police who had a blood debt with the people.

La Libertad, Bolivar, Pataz, Tayabamba: Members of the base force of the PLA take over the town and destroy the police station, wounding two soldiers and carrying out agitation and propaganda in support of the armed struggle.

Huancayo, Satipo, Valle Esmeralda, Selva Virgen: Members of the PLA clash with ronderos and kill one diehard.

August 7--Chimbote, Malaga Santoiayo: Members of the PLA take over the town of Consuzo and organize the masses while carrying out propaganda in support of the armed struggle.

Lima, El Agustino: Members of the PLA place a booby trap near the imperialist corporation Celular 2000. One lowlife from the National Police is wounded while attempting to deactivate it.

August 18--Ayacucho, Huanta, between the Mantaro and Ene Rivers: The main force of the PLA attacks the counterinsurgency base at Soldamiento killing three soldiers and leaving several wounded.

August 20--Tingo María: The Main Force of the PLA simultaneously takes the villages of José Bernardo Alcedo, José María Ugarteche, Río Azul, Mesones Muro, Margarita and a sector of the district capital Herminio Valdizan. Finally, close to 100 fighters took the village of Las Delicias on the morning of Wednesday 21, eliminating the counterrevolutionary Celso Estela Perez. Transit was shut down on the Federico Basabre Highway to Aguaytia and Pucallpa. Agitation and propaganda for the Armed Struggle was done, and more than 100 vehicles were stopped and painted with the hammer and sickle. The fighters told us that the Red Army is preparing to take posts and military bases.

August 23--Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho: Members of the PLA execute Italo Ochoa Yauripaita, a landlord from Chanchamayo, Junin, for persisting in exploiting the peasantry and refusing to cooperate with the New State.

August 27--One murderer of the National Police was killed and another wounded as a result of a clash with members of the PLA on Trapicha Ave.

August 29--Ayacucho: A group from the PLA confiscated food and other supplies from five vehicles traveling to the Ayacucho jungle.


September 4: A reactionary that played the role of governor was executed, and the mayor of Huancarpata-Trujillo was taken prisoner. In the main square he was exposed as a collaborator of the reactionary armed forces and a traitor to his people.

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