Statement on the Capture of Comrade Feliciano

From the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

Revolutionary Worker #1018, August 15, 1999

We received this statement from the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

The capture of Comrade Feliciano (Oscar Ramirez Durand) is painful for the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, and for all the world's Maoists, revolutionaries and progressive people.

After the arrest of Communist Party of Peru Chairman Gonzalo in 1992, Comrade Feliciano assumed the responsibility of leading the Central Committee of the PCP through this "bend in the road." Since then the PCP has never faltered in continuing the People's War, showing the highest courage and determination in the face of the enemy, which has mounted repeated intensive military campaigns against the People's Liberation Army. The Party has also persevered despite the Right Opportunist Line that emerged from among the Party's ranks which insists that the war be abandoned in the face of hard blows. This would have meant abandoning the masses of people of Peru, who have always been the source of the Party's strength and its ability to overcome twists and turns. It would have also meant abandoning the cause of the exploited and oppressed of the whole world. It has been the PCP Central Committee's steadfastness and grasp of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism that has enabled it to find the ways to continue to draw on the strength of the people and persist in leading the People's War.

At this difficult moment for the revolution in Peru, it continues to be of vital importance for our cause to draw on the strength of the people in every country possible in support of the People's War in Peru. We call on all those who can be united to oppose the criminal Fujimori regime that has committed so many atrocities against the people and the revolutionaries, including holding Chairman Gonzalo in total isolation for nearly seven years, and to support the resistance of the heroic prisoners of war who are holding out against torture, abuse, horrendous conditions and other forms of pressure to force them to make peace with the U.S.-backed regime. At this time, it is particularly important to oppose the Fujimori regime's efforts to submit Comrade Feliciano to such treatment.

Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement
15 July 1999

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