The People's War in Nepal Has Entered a New Stage

From the Information Bureau of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

Revolutionary Worker #1135, January 10, 2002, posted at

The Revolutionary Worker received the following statement from the Information Bureau of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

The People's War in Nepal has Entered a New Stage

The People's War in Nepal has entered a new stage, where it faces the most serious and concentrated attack to date from the reactionary classes. Following the collapse of the negotiations held between the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the Royal Government of Nepal in late November, Prime Minister Deuba revealed the reactionary nature of his government by ordering the Royal Nepal Army to attack the armed forces under the leadership of the CPN(M). At the same time, draconian measures against the rights of the people of Nepal and all political opposition were also introduced.

Under the leadership of Chairman Prachanda, the CPN(M) has been leading the masses of the country to confront the new challenges to the revolution. The forces under the leadership of the CPN(M), now organised on a higher level and given the name People's Liberation Army, countered with strong blows aimed at the enemy's army.

Throughout the countryside the consolidation of the political power of the people has reached new heights and a national leadership entitled the United Revolutionary People's Council (URPC), with Comrade Baburam Bhattarai as the Convenor, has been announced to the country and the world.

The enemy has been badly stung and is striking out wildly in every direction in hopes of recovering their lost positions. There have been numerous incidents of wanton massacre of innocent civilians. Various imperialist and reactionary powers, fearful of the powerful example that the revolution in Nepal is providing in the South Asia region and the world at a time when a world-wide crusade against "terrorism" has been proclaimed to prop up the imperialist system, have been quick to offer their political and military aid to the reactionary ruling class.

At this time of an important juncture in the ongoing People's War in Nepal, it is important for the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and its parties and organisations to reiterate our full support for the struggle our comrades in Nepal are waging, and our confidence in their ultimate victory.

Glory to the People's War in Nepal!
Down with the Reactionary Nepalese Monarchy!
Forward to a New Democratic Republic!

Information Bureau of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement
December 31, 2001

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