Great Objectives and Grand Strategy

Dreams…and Reality

By Bob Avakian

Revolutionary Worker #1141, March 3, 2002, posted at

The RW is currently running this series of excerpts from an unpublished work by RCP Chairman Bob Avakian, "Great Objectives and Grand Strategy." Although written over a year ago, this work--and these excerpts in particular-- contain much that is very relevant to the current crisis and war. This is the 15th in this series.

Lenin said that there is no harm in dreaming, in fact it is good to dream so long as, in a fundamental and ultimate sense, one's dreams are in accord with reality and with the forward motion of things, and if one acts to bring one's dreams into correspondence with reality--to bring them into reality. It is good to think in a sweeping way--it is good to imagine how the world could be and then strive to make it be that way--so long as that is fundamentally in accord with reality and its motion and development. So it is important in that sense to dream.

Along with that, I also wanted to refer to Mao's comment that it is right and necessary to "strive for greatness," not in an individual, nor certainly in an individualist, sense--not for ourselves--but for our class and its cause. The proletariat and its revolutionary vanguard must strive for greatness in this sense--strive to bring into reality, once again, the historic mission of our class (understanding that in a materialist and not in a religious or metaphysical sense).

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