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A Memoir from Bob Avakian
From Ike to Mao and Beyond: My Journey from Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist

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Three Things You Can Do to Put
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The following three things to do were distributed at the NYC Launch of the pathbreaking new book from Bob Avakian, THE NEW COMMUNISM:

If you were inspired by what you heard and felt today... If the readings from Bob Avakian's new book, THE NEW COMMUNISM provoked, challenged and moved you... If you felt like the discussion that followed is what everyone should be talking about everywhere... here are THREE things you can do to be part of spreading this throughout society and digging into it yourself...

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Announcing: The Launch of a Pathbreaking New Book from Bob Avakian

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Getting THE NEW COMMUNISM Everywhere

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From Insight Press, publisher of THE NEW COMMUNISM:

5 Things You Can Do To Spread BA’s THE NEW COMMUNISM Everywhere

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The Cultural Revolution Within the RCP

Now, here, let me speak to the question: Why was I doing the work I was doing? Once again, we’re back to for whom and for what. I wasn’t doing this work for myself. When I was young, in middle school and then even more so in high school, my life got changed in a very major way by coming into contact with people that I hadn’t really known that much before, in particular Black people. I started learning about their situation and how that relates to what goes on in this society as a whole. I was drawn to the culture—not just the music and the art overall, but the whole way of going through the world—of the Black people who became my friends, and the world they introduced me to. And I came to the point of recognizing: these are my people. Now, I knew they had a different life experience than I did. But these are my people—I don’t see a separation—it’s not like there are some other people “over there” who are going through all this and somehow that’s removed from me. These are my people. And then I began to recognize more deeply what people were being put through, the oppression they were constantly subjected to, the horrors of daily life as well as the bigger ways in which the system came down on them. And as I went further through life and began to approach the question of what needs to be done about this, and was introduced to taking up a scientific approach to this, I realized that my people were more than this. I realized that my people were Chicanos and other Latinos and other oppressed people in the U.S.; they were people in Vietnam and China; they were women... they were the oppressed and exploited of the world... and through some struggle, and having to cast off some wrong thinking, I have learned that they are LGBT people as well.

These are my people, the oppressed and exploited people of the world. They are suffering terribly, and something has to be done about this. So it is necessary to dig in and systematically take up the science that can show the way to put an end to all this, and bring something much better into being. You have to persevere and keep struggling to go forward in this way. And when you run into new problems or setbacks, you have to go more deeply into this, rather than putting it aside and giving up.

Additional excerpts from THE NEW COMMUNISM available here.

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