Revolution #103, October 7, 2007

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Answers to
"Think You Know the Facts About Israel? Take the Quiz and Find Out"

Answer to question:

4: False. The often verbalized (but only rarely officially codified) doctrine of the Zionist movement is to “transfer” the Arab population out of Palestine in order to pave the way first for the establishment and then the strengthening of the Jewish state (see statements by Ben-Gurion and Dayan in Part 1, for example). In 1948, at the village of Deir Yassin, Israeli forces massacred defenseless villagers. While all credible sources admit to over 100 Palestinian people being slaughtered, the Jewish eyewitness Meir Pa’il insists that there were 250. Israel used this atrocity to spread terror among the Palestinian people, and many fled their homes in panic. Other Arab towns such as Lydde and Ramle were surrounded and the people forcibly expelled en masse. [back]

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