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The Collapse of “The Movement”; the Resistance and the Revolutionary Movement We Need


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This current forum revolves around the Revolution article (#162, April 19, 2009) by Andy Zee, “In the Era of Obama: The Collapse of ‘The Movement’; the Resistance and the Revolutionary Movement We Need.” We are reprinting here a number of reader responses we have received to the article, and a comment that was posted to another web site where “The Collapse” article appeared. We encourage our readers to send in more comments about the article or the responses posted here.



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So many got so caught up over the historical significance of the "first Black president" that they didn't take the time to read his actual voting record from his days as an Illinois senator; nor his campaign contributor list, which is even more significant, since it colors (no pun intended) his policy decisions!

There is real hope out there. False hope. But, we take what we can work with and do what we can. If this was 'easy', revolution would have happened a long time ago.

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A great and timely analysis. Keep them coming. The leadership of the different currents within the anti-war/anti-imperialist movements refuse to break with bourgeois democratic politics, despite what they say. They need to be called on this. There is so much opposition out here but its diffused. The people have no focus. They are protesting but they are not sure where they want to go.

I look forward to more clear-eyed analysis in the pages of Revolution.

In Struggle,

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Love the intensity of the article. We need more of it. As an 80 year old retired attorney, I write similarly. Article submitted today to Opednews follows:


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Hi Andy Zee,

Thanks for your hard-hitting analysis about 'the movement' -- The Collapse of “The Movement”; the Resistance and the Revolutionary Movement We Need."

Six years ago I wrote something similar. I thought you might appreciate reading it. Attached are the three articles, tied together.

Cheers to your efforts,

One from the trenches: A Pacifist’s Moment of Rage
The Peace Movements Illusionary Strategy
Long-Term Solutions: The Peace Movement’s Missing Links

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The following was posted on in response to the Andy Zee article; it is reprinted here with permission from the writer.

Where's the Beef?

Submitted by Carl Davidson -... on Thu, 2009-04-23 00:02.

Sorry, AndyZ, this is thin gruel indeed.

You need a little more than a left rant to get over these days.

You need to make an accurate assessment of the balance of forces in the country, an assessment of all the reactionary forces, and where to aim the main blow, a strategy and tactics, and then show us the forms of organization to 'unite the many to defeat the few,' as well as to unite the advanced fighters.

Most important, show us some successful practice of your perspective.

Otherwise, this is just venting spleen...

Keep On Keepin' On!

Carl Davidson

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