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In today’s world, without the science of evolution there would be no science. Written for both the scientifically-minded as well as those who are not familiar with science at all, this book details the facts of the science of evolution. In one engrossing volume Ardea Skybreak looks at the diversity and complexity of life on this planet and how all life, including humans, evolved. She examines the many different lines of mutually reinforcing evidence that support and confirm the biological theory of evolution. At the same time, Skybreak dissects the myth of Creationism and the lies behind the thinly-veiled religiosity of Intelligent Design. There’s urgency in this book. It comes at a time when evolution—and the very definition of science—is under concerted attack by religious fundamentalists, with backing from the highest levels of government. The reader will come away with a deepened appreciation of the beauty and wonders of nature, as well as an understanding of the basic scientific facts of evolution and a clear sense of why science and a scientific method make it possible to determine what’s real—and why knowing what’s real profoundly matters.

2007 Benjamin Franklin Finalist
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“There are many fine books on evolution and creationism, but this one stands out because it is so well written, concise, and comprehensive. It is accessible to the general reader and uncompromising in its logic and accuracy in presenting scientific concepts. If you find that your textbook’s presentation of evolution is inadequate, give your students Ardea Skybreak’s book and watch their understanding grow.”

— Kevin Padian
Professor of Integrative Biology,
University of California, Berkeley

“This book will be of tremendous benefit to many, especially those in the teaching profession where there are frequent opportunities to defend science against the ridiculous assertions by religious zealots and fundamentalists.”

— Richard Leakey
Paleoanthropologist, former Director
of Kenya’s National Museums

The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism...Knowing What’s Real and Why It Matters, by Ardea Skybreak is an excellent book. It clearly explains the overwhelming evidence for evolution and why it is scientific fact, while exploding the nonsense that the creation fantasy tries to present as it masquerades as science. In discussing evolution’s history, mechanisms, and evidence, from the origin of life to mechanisms of speciation to evolution of pesticide resistance in insects, Ardea Skybreak does an excellent job of educating and inspiring an interest in nature, science and evolution.”

— David Seaborg, Evolutionary Biologist

“...very easy to read and understand...Information such as this is desperately needed especially here in the ‘Bible Belt’ South, where religious fundamentalism and creationism hit hardest.”

— From a high school student in Georgia

“I’m thoroughly enjoying and immensely intrigued by Ardea Skybreak’s articles on evolution...I’ve never really understood the depth and complexity of the struggle the creationists and their reactionary/conservative agents in the gov. are waging against evolution, despite the fact that the scientific community is unified on the question of evolution vs. biblical creation theory–standing on the side of evolution–and since the basic facts of evolution are scientifically based, something the creationists can’t boast of...

“One of the most adverse psychological effects of prison existence has to be the tendency for captives to seek to discover the meaning for their oppression through religion and relying on ‘faith to get through this ordeal.’...I believe that by attacking the most basic tenet of the Bible, that ‘God created man,’ and proving scientifically that man/woman evolved from the ‘chemical soup’ that was once our earth, without the aid or ‘intelligent design’ of ANY god or other supernatural being, maybe some of these captives can be won to depend on their/our own conscious activism, rather than some god, to achieve real redress and eventually liberation—in the broadest definition of the word.”

— From a prisoner

“I need your help with this debate that is raging over here...a few brothers and myself are taking religion head on...Check what this prison chaplain does, he brings two boxes of this book called Darwin Under the Microscope...brothers are reading passages of this book during this debate and all this book is doing is attempting to discredit the science of evolution.

“I read a few passages out of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in this debate, however, I know brothers are finding The Origin of Species book hard to grasp–so this is why I’m asking you to send me the complete series of the ‘Science of Evolution’ cause Ardea Skybreak breaks it all down in a way that I know brothers will be able to grasp to the fullest.

“A lot of these bible bangers who have been misled think this debate is about ‘winning or losing.’ I tell them this debate is about struggling for truth...”

— From a prisoner


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