Revolution #175, September 6, 2009

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By a group of ex-political prisoners and the families of those political prisoners executed by the IRI

On September 23 and 24, 2009 Ahmadinejad is expected to take part in a UN meeting. We will be there in order to be a voice of the recent uprising of the people of Iran against the Islamic Republic; in order to show our solidarity with thousands of political prisoners and the families of those who were brutally butchered by the security and police forces of the IRI during street protests or in dungeons of Evin and Kahrizak; in order to show our solidarity with millions of youth who are fighting for a new and liberatory society; in order to show our solidarity with millions of women who are determined not to be crushed by a medieval patriarchal system and today are constituting the front rows of battle against the IRI.

We invite the Iranians and people in North America who have wholeheartedly supported the uplifting struggles of the brave people of Iran against the criminal IRI, to join us in this protest.

We invite all ex-political prisoners of Iran who are currently living in North America as well as the families of those who never made it out of the clutches of the IRI and were executed in the last 3 decades in Iran, to join us in this protest. Please bring the picture of your beloved ones who fell in struggle.

We call upon women to take part in great numbers and be an expression of audacity of tens of thousands of women who have dared to stand in the forefront of struggle against the woman hating regime of Iran.

We invite people from oppressed nationalities and religious minorities of Iran (and now living in North America) who for the last 30 years have born the brunt of medieval discrimination, to join this protest rally.

We call upon young women and men of Iranian origin to join this struggle along with their non Iranian friends and comrades. Our people as well as people in all countries need a new generation who braves to fight for a different world—a world without reactionaries and imperialists.

We also call upon ex- activists and supporters of the Confederation of Iranian Students Associations (USA) to revisit your old dreams for a better society and world, amongst us. Bring the pictures of your comrades in I.S.A. who went back to Iran in 1979 in order to join the revolution but were arrested and killed by the new reactionary power builders of IRI.

We invite the friends and families of the political prisoners in the USA (for which Mumia Abu Jamal is a symbol of), the families of the victims of police brutality, all anti war and anti globalization groups and forces who have earnestly struggled against US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and US threats to wage war on Iran, and have fought against imperialist capitalism ravaging of the peoples of the world, to join us and help us to turn this protest assembly into a strong expression of internationalist solidarity of the people of the world.

From Guantanamo and Abu Ghoreib to Evin and Kahrizak: Down With Systems of Torture and Execution

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran—Free All Political Prisoners

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On Wednesday September 23 & Thursday September 24, at 10 am
Place of Demonstrations: DAG HAMMARSKJOLD Plaza
First Ave. & 47th Street, Manhattan, New York

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