Revolution #175, September 6, 2009

Coming Next Week:

Special High School/Middle School Issue of Revolution

The next issue of Revolution (#176), which will go online and be shipped on September 7 & 8, will be a special issue directed at high school and middle school students. This special issue will take on the lies and confusion, often taught in schools, about communism; get into just what sort of future this society has for the youth; and speak to a whole new world that is possible through communist revolution. This issue has the potential to bring forward many young people, challenging them to hook up with the revolutionary movement and to engage with the leadership of Bob Avakian.

The special issue needs to get into the hands of many, many thousands of youth in schools across the U.S. Here’s how YOU can help make this happen:

To donate, order bulk copies, or hook up with distribution teams, contact your local Revolution Books stores and outlets (see p. 2) or:
RCP Publications • PO Box 3486 Merchandise Mart • Chicago, IL 60654 • 773-227-4066 •

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