Revolution #177, September 27, 2009

Meeting Bob Avakian Through the Revolution DVD

This letter was written in Spanish and translated into English by Revolution newspaper

Dear Revolution,

Upon reading the article about the launching on line of the DVD Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About of Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, I couldn't pass over the opportunity to express how happy I am and the importance I see for the hastening of the revolution with this very bold initiative by the party. Having this material posted aims to reach those who for whatever reason prefer video format. Also this is a medium of greater access for people of different social strata here and around the world. It is very necessary to let people everywhere know of the existence of Chairman Bob Avakian and the significant role he plays within the revolutionary communist movement with his contributions and his history within the revolutionary movement in the United States. This provides us more support to more widely spread the word that we have an alternative for changing the world and a leader; that people who look at reality critically and who desire real change need to become familiar with the Chairman and thus build this revolutionary people of the thousands that will lead millions.

I want to share with you my experience of when for the first time I viewed this revolutionary audiovisual material. It helped clarify many of the questions I had about how to make revolution in these times and in a capitalist country like the U.S., as well as the importance this entails for repairing all the damage done by this capitalist-imperialist system up to today throughout the world with its drive for modernization, development and security. In his talk, Bob Avakian explains in a very easy to understand way an analysis of how this system works and its flaws, a system based on profit that just continues causing the oppression of the great majority of the people, making society worse with exploitation and taking it to the extreme that goes against human dignity in supposedly modern times, which has as its sole goal benefiting the class that has come to have privileges from what in one or another way we all participate in producing, as well as the damage it causes to the environment of our planet.

But he not only explains how the system works but also tells us of the alternative we have in modern times to be able to transform reality, something that had a big impact on me since I was not familiar with what this valuable leader has developed. Even philosophically he challenges us to imagine how that society would be and how we could participate in it, far from all oppressive relations, since the ideal is the participation of the masses in leading society.

Like many others surrounded by so much social injustice, I asked myself one day if the world had to be this way. And since meeting Bob Avakian through the DVD, my hopes were raised that a BETTER WORLD is possible, and we have the necessary foundation to bring it forward; giving the lie to those who say that communism means going back to the past and that it doesn't work, or to those who attribute this nightmare we are living to something predestined or magical, or in the worst case those that blame the people themselves for these problems. By analyzing my actual scene with the help of the analysis of Bob Avakian and the DVD, I understand that these are simply arguments created by the oppressors who fear losing the power they have over the masses, by educating others to be submissive. But the truth is that it is URGENT to make radical changes in our reality for the common good, and the words of Bob Avakian aroused in me a conscious commitment to support him in the struggle for revolution, since he is the unique and precious leader for the international communist movement. Avakian also has a history that we must all become familiar with, a long history and presence in the struggle for communist revolution. In these times with easy access to mass information, I have not found any other leader like this leader within the United States. There is nobody like him, with the vision, the commitment and the road to follow not only for revolution but for the emancipation of humanity.

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