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Something To Think About...

What has the world come to when you have to question if the authorities are on your side or their own? Who are you more afraid of, police or street thugs? Since when did it get to the point that you would have to ask these questions? I know for a fact that our police over the years have become extremely bias and discriminating against blacks and it is happening more and more every day. It just so happens in the past they were very discreet with it where as now they blatantly show their disrespectful and discrimination against blacks or dark skinned people.

For example an incident came up with one of my friends. It was earlier this week on Monday. Four guys, all African American, were driving in Willoughby to a game. The cop was two cars behind my friends' car and flashed the sirens and lights and pulled them over. The racist cop joked with them to get them into their comfort zone, then within five seconds his demeanor changed drastically. He immediately started with his "own" protocol.

First, he asked everyone in the vehicle to show identification. The law is when pulled over the officer is required for any reason to ask the driver for license and registration unless he sees or has any reason to believe the other passengers are a threat to the situation. Then, and only then, should he ask the rest of the passengers for identification. But, in this situation that was disregarded.

After asking everyone for identification he ran all of them through the database. One person, my friend, came up with a previous warrant. Automatically the cop told him to step out of the car and put his hands on the car and spread his legs. He then proceeded to ask him did he have any illegal possession on him or weapons. My friend responded with "no". Then the cop sarcastically asked my friend "what happened in Bedford Heights??" My friend responded with "Nothing, I had a warrant but took care of it." The officer then said, "No, you didn't" and proceeded to handcuff him.

My friend was taken down to the police station. They kept him in the holding cell for a couple hours until the guard came and presented him with his orange jumpsuit. He stayed in the cell for the next three hours until they located the officer that he had in Bedford Heights. When they released him the bailiff said he wouldn't have taken him in on a warrant that was for a different district. Now humor me this, if they were white would they have been pulled over? If they were white would the cop ask all of the young men for their identification? It's something to think about...

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