Revolution #214, October 24, 2010

November 10, 2010: A Radical Step Into the Future

Official Release Set for
(Draft Proposal)

from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

On November 10, the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) will be released. Beginning on that day, everything that people think is possible, and impossible, will come under radical challenge.


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Funds are urgently needed. Send donations to RCP Publications, PO Box 3486, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654-0486.

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Donate to Send Copies to Prisoners

There are, in America’s dungeons, a growing layer of prisoners who are seeking a critical understanding of the society which imprisoned them, and a way to change that society—and themselves.  Be part of giving these prisoners the means to understand this world, and the vision of a better one.  Donate money specifically to send the Constitution for the new society to those prisoners who request one.

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Right in the middle of a cruel, rotting empire, a vision of something entirely new—something very radical and far better than the present way that people are forced to live—will be set forth from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. People who get it will find a visionary—and extremely concrete—model of a future revolutionary socialist society and government. They will read a clear description of how the new power would be constituted, and exercised, in the revolutionary society. They will get a feel, and an in-depth understanding, of how that new, revolutionary state power could work to truly usher in a new world. And they will see a place for themselves in this new world, a world in which people would want to live and could truly begin to flourish.

On November 10, join in release parties and celebrations at Revolution Books across the country. Celebrate the release of this historic document out into the world, pick up your copy, contribute to big promotional plans, and feed in your ideas and questions. Start inviting people now to be part of this.

In the weeks around this release date, we’ll be spreading out onto campuses and neighborhoods getting this into the hands of all kinds of people, including those with a deep desire for a better world but big differences or questions about the viability and desirability of a socialist transition to communism. This should, and will, spark all-round debate and ferment over how we live today, and how we could live tomorrow. People need to see and hear about this Constitution from different angles, including in surprising ways... Write in now with your thinking on how this can spread.

Big funds are needed for major promotion of this Constitution upon release—for promotional materials, advertising, big mailings, many, many copies into the hands of prisoners. All kinds of people burn with the desire for a different world, but feel there is no real alternative to the present system... We should be going out very broadly now getting pre-orders, raising funds, and talking with them about what a difference this Constitution can make in spreading debate and discussion about the potential for that alternative, and the movement for revolution to make that real.

Stay tuned for more news and plans. And get ready to be part of bringing something really precedent-shattering onto the scene. Join in getting deeply into this Constitution... and join in getting word of this way out into the world.

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