Revolution #217, November 21, 2010

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A Challenge from a Former Prisoner

"So here's a challenge to you: every month I'm going to adopt a subscription to Revolution newspaper for a prisoner, to make sure that these brothers and sisters can continue to receive Revolution and that more can begin to take up its liberating vision. Join me in making that commitment!

Every issue of Revolution that gets behind the walls has a far greater impact than reaching just each individual prisoner who receives the subscription. Revolution is a lifeline for many prisoners, passed hand to hand and cell to cell, as prisoners read, discuss and debate its liberating ideas within the deepest depths of the most oppressive dungeons that this system has devised. And as they begin to transform themselves, the prisoners voices can pose a powerful challenge and inspiration to others from behind the walls: from shattering the demonizing (and most times nakedly racist) caricature that the rulers of this system paint about "criminals" and prisoners, to challenging the youth caught up in the street life to get up out of that bullshit and into the revolution!

Each one-year subscription to Revolution for a prisoner costs $35. If you have the means, adopt more than one subscription per month – there are over 200 prisoners already waiting to get subscriptions. If you don't have the means, ask a few of your friends to throw in and collectively adopt a subscription together. Also, donate more to the ongoing work of PRLF, which not only includes sending subscriptions to Revolution newspaper and other revolutionary literature into prisoners, but is currently engaged in fighting a major battle against censorship and the banning of Revolution in California and other prisons. And join hundreds of others opposed to censorship of literature in prisons by signing the Overturn the Ban statement.

Join me in taking up the challenge of adopting one subscription to Revolution a month for a prisoner, and together we can ensure that hundreds of brothers and sisters locked down in the hellholes of America's prison system can get with this newspaper and its liberating vision for humanity."

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