Revolution #220, December 19, 2010

From a Reader:

"One for Outside and One for Inside!"...and Other Fundraising Ideas

Some friends and I put our heads together and came up with fundraising ideas for promotion and distribution of the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) during the holiday season.

One for outside and one for inside! Don't let anyone—whether on the inside or outside of prison walls—go hungry for the hope and vision of real change presented in this Constitution. When you buy a copy of the Constitution for yourself, buy one for a prisoner too. And urge everyone who buys a copy for themselves to buy another one for a prisoner.

Carry copies of the Constitution with you everywhere. Holiday parties are a great opportunity to sell copies.

Give Constitutions as Gifts. And enclose a note saying you've purchased another one for a prisoner in the name of the recipient.

Make Contributions as Gifts. Tell friends and relatives that instead of exchanging gifts this year, you'd like them to make a contribution to help promote the Constitution on the Internet. And that you're making a contribution to do the same.

Year-End Fundraising Parties. Plan special parties December 30-31 to get contributions on the spot.

Many people make contributions in late December for year-end tax deductions. Make sure people know that they can make tax-deductible contributions for sending the Constitution to prisoners via the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund website— Tell people that $200 will buy Constitutions for 20 prisoners.

Don't keep it a secret. And whatever you do, send reports to Revolution newspaper to let others know what's happening, what you're learning and what people are saying.

Send us your comments.

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