Revolution #226, March 10, 2011

Getting Out the Statement on Strategy

Editors' note: We received the following from a reader, and encourage readers to check back at soon for more correspondence on getting out the statement "On The Strategy For Revolution" from the Revolutionary Communist Party

It's really important to get the statement "On The Strategy For Revolution" into the hands of as many people as possible. There are a lot of interesting plans to do just that—taking it into barbershops and cafeterias on campuses and stirring up controversy and debate on the spot, having salons over it with long time and newer ties, distributing it at conferences and other gatherings, placing an ad for it in a newspaper with a significant readership among Black people in a large city, etc. It is important to follow thru on these and other plans and to report on them to the readers of Revolution.

I wanted to contribute an experience I had with the statement. I was walking down a major street in a Black neighborhood of a large city on the way to meet up with a professor to get him the statement and talk with him about the April 11th Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World. As I got to our hook up spot, I took the paper out, and someone I had known for decades but hadn't seen in a while walked up to me. We greeted each other, and he pointed to the front page of the paper and asked, "Is that really about that?" I asked what he meant, and he said, "Is that really about a strategy for revolution, for revolution here?" I said "Yes, and you need to get this and read it." He handed me a dollar and began telling me about something he was involved in that he wanted the Party to be a part of. I told him to send me the info on it and to read this issue of the paper and let me know what he thought of it. He said he definitely would.

As he left, a younger Black guy who had overheard our conversation tapped me on the shoulder and asked could he get one of those papers, and he bought one too. I missed something important here because I neglected to ask for his contact info.

Then the prof I was waiting to meet came up. He was late getting to his class, so I quickly got him the material around BAsics and the Celebration of Revolution and raised several things he could do to make this as powerful as possible. I also got him the paper and told him he should read the statement and let us know what he thought of it, and it needed to get to his students too.

He responded first to the things I had proposed around BAsics and the celebration. Then he said, I should come to session of his class and speak about the strategy for revolution. (He teaches a class on the history of the civil rights movement, and as part of that, he does a session on the relation between the issues and struggles of Black people in the 1960's and today.) He said, "Then they can get the strategy paper from you." I thought, yeah this strategy piece would definitely fit into to a discussion about that.

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