Revolution #227, March 20, 2011

Update on Fundraising for BAsics

We are happy to announce that $15,000 has been raised to cover the printing of BAsics in English and Spanish! April 5 is the official release date for the English edition with the Spanish edition soon to follow.

Plans are being made for broad advertising and promotion of the book. $15,000 more is needed to fund these efforts. Send in any ideas you have for national promotion that will help break BAsics out into the atmosphere.

Spread around the $200 challenge. Raising funds gives people a chance to learn about the book, learn about Bob Avakian, and learn about the movement for revolution… and support it. Send in your experience and learn from the other experiences that are posted.

Consider what it will mean for humanity for BAsics... to get out into the world! Get others involved and help make it happen.

All those who donate $100 or more will receive a free book hot off the press.

Send us your comments.

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