Revolution #228, April 3, 2011

Response to $200 BAsics Challenge

When I read the letter about donating $200 to the publication of the book BAsics and the celebration in New York, it really made me think. I had already donated $60, but I thought, why give only a little bit to a cause that demands that you give your all? The only real choice that oppressed people have in a life of slavery is to make the choice to support the Party that’s working for Revolution. Revolution requires sacrifice! So I decided to give $400 more.

I earn just a little more than minimum wage and I sleep in my car—and even though I save a lot on rent, I know there are many who support revolution who can donate a lot more than me! I would especially like to issue a challenge to the people in the middle classes who could donate thousands. The people need this party and this leader in order to make the revolution that this world needs so badly.

And to those who used to have dreams of revolution but have given up. I challenge you to lift your heads and take another look! Look at the events in the Middle East and in Wisconsin—and tell me that the analysis that Bob Avakian has been making all these years is not correct! The huge cracks underneath the surface of this society are opening up and 1000s of people are starting to fight back. They need to be able to find the movement for revolution!

I invite you to join in the fight to break all of the oppressive chains of imperialism by donating all you can to BAsics and to the RCP.

A Proletarian who Desires Revolution

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