Revolution #228, April 3, 2011

A Time to Step Up Distribution of Revolution

Revolution calls on its readers to step up the distribution of this paper. In the weeks leading up to the April 11 Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World, we must expand the reach of—and networks built around—this paper. This is not only key to unleashing a movement around BAsics, and to creating broad interest in and bringing people to the event; it is key to laying the strongest basis to continue to make further advances in building this movement for revolution.

Revolution is the way to connect with those who are most inclined towards revolution—but it needs to reach far more broadly, to everywhere people are dissatisfied or angry, everywhere they are standing up or just searching, to those who may be put off by its revolutionary communist perspective but are willing to listen. Everywhere we go, we should be taking this paper and getting it into people’s hands—and utilizing it to unleash discussion and debate over events in society and the world.

Beginning now, take 30, 50, 100 papers each week and get them out wherever you go. On subway trains and buses on the way to and from work, at laundromats and supermarket lines…where you go to school or live. Get them to your friends, relatives and co-workers. Each week, think (creatively) about the opportunities you will have to get the paper out and plan ahead. And don’t be caught up short at a gathering or demonstration without a good supply of papers to sell.

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