Revolution #231, May 1, 2011

Revolutionary May Day, 2011

Join actions and celebrations around the country on Sunday, May 1st

New York
12 noon: A celebration of internationalism and the vision of a new world. Gather at 125th and Amsterdam Ave. Radiating out in the Harlem neighborhood from this hub with readings from BAsics together with open mic. Dinner to follow. Check bookstore web site for details.

2 pm: Join the Revolution contingent in the May Day immigrant rights march. Look for the big red flag at Union Park, Washington and Ashland. 6 pm: After the march, come to an evening of celebration at Revolution Books that includes music, poetry and food.

12-4 pm: Join the staff of Revolution Books to take BAsics and Revolution out to the May Fair in Harvard Sq. 4-6 pm: Celebration at Revolution Books of this revolutionary holiday with food, music, discussion.

12:30 pm: Hook up with Revolution newspaper distributors at the beginning of the immigrant rights march, corner of S. Ingersoll and 20th Ave S. Look for the red flags or come to the Revolution Books table at Memorial Stadium (end of the march).

4-6 pm: Take revolution and communism to the streets, then get together in the evening for food and music (check bookstore web site for details).

2 pm: Join the Revolution crew at the May 1st Stand Up for Justice march and rally for immigrant rights which jumps off from Bellaire and Renwick. Look for the Revolution distributors with BA T-shirts and red flags.

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