Revolution Online, May 2, 2011

Buy BAsics for those inside prison walls

We received the following from the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund:


Dear RCP,

I am a prisoner in the state of Texas who lives in a very dark and lonely world. I have been in administrative segregation since August 23rd 1990 more than 20 years ago. So naturally I do an excessive amount of reading. And out of all the publications I get, I find yours to be the most interesting and informative. My hero Bob Avakian calls it like he sees it and that’s why it’s so important for me to read his book titled BAsics. So will you please send me a copy as soon as you possibly can? You cannot imagine just how much I would appreciate it!!!

Very Truly Yours

P.S. I truly do look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

To donate to send copies of BAsics to prisoners, send money order or check to:

RCP Publications
PO Box 3486, Merchandise Mart
Chicago, IL  60654

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