Revolution #234, May 29, 2011

Prisoner Writes on Receiving a Copy of BAsics

Dear PRLF,

Thank you for the free copy of BAsics. I like the concept of having a bunch of B.A.’s writing in one place. A long time ago I used to cut out his articles from the paper and save them, but then I realized they were starting to pile up so I had to get rid of them. It’s not feasible to save newspapers indefinitely in prison cause your cell will start to look like a junk yard, and, as you probably know, prisoners are limited in how much property we can have. This book, however, allows for you to have some of his best writing all together in one compact disk─so to speak. Plus, you don’t have to sit around and read it straight through. You can jump around to different parts and browse on your spare time, just like you can with Mao’s Little Red Book─which is fitting since B.A. has picked up the torch from him, and both books even have their images/pictures in them. Once again, thanks for looking out with that freebie…

  Respectfully in Struggle,


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