Revolution #234, May 29, 2011

reg e. gaines on BAsics

Some say the setting sun is a moving sun. But it is the earth’s revolution which causes the sun’s position to change. Change is good, change is inevitable, change is ordained. So why is it people, who, of sound body and mind, which often equals common sense, are so reluctant to change. Materialism stands at the outset of all which is wrong with our world. It blinds, cajoles, festers, scars, completely overwhelms our sense of fairness. Greed is god of the fearful. So caught up in its clutches they do whatever is expedient in order to mask their sense of no esteem. I have, so, therefore I am. Terrified to be judged on that which lies in their heart, of what percolates within their brain, they allow the tangible to be the lead component of who and what they represent, of who and what they are. For these poor souls, desperation and darkness lie at the foot of their very existence. To change would be an acceptance of the intangible, that we neither taste, smell or see. We speak of change, hear of change, visualize change as if it were some dreamlike state where only the surely insane exist. This is the greatest example of denial, for we all have experienced change. We know it to be a real thing. The problem is we change only that which benefits the individual. Neither a fault or sign of weakness, this merely constitutes the remarkable precision with which the powers at be have placed the pursuit of #1 in “brain dead rotation.” How can one avoid the constant barrage of winning at all costs, reaching the top, destroying the opposition? American Idol, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, even the humbling art of crafting efficient metaphorical imagery into beautiful lyrical melodic word play has now taken the bastard form called “Poetry Slam.” It once was different. It can all still change. And it must be a minimalist structure which leads the way. Something as easily understood by a person with a 9th grade education as well as that person with a PhD. We need change in ways we rarely contemplate. Change in the manner in which we listen, for it is listening which will set us free. Change in how we set words against words allowing for a greater sense of communication because we understand what that person meant, not what that person said. Change in our priorities so often dictated by false issues of morality based on grandiose language from books supposedly written before civilization could speak. Change in the basic rituals of everyday life, from the moment we greet a new found day until that final moment before we close our eyes. Basic as the voice, the words, the simple yet inexplicable thoughts of Bob Avakian, who may have the blueprint, the recipe, the undeniable common sense socialist solution necessary for our ever growing global community to make real change.


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