Revolution #235, June 12, 2011

This poem was submitted by a reader.

The Bible and The Flag

If there's two things in life make a Fascist dog's tail wag,
It's the Goddamned Bible and The Goddamned Flag.
You know it's the fact, yeah it's real real true,
more crap gets wrapped up in the Good Book and The Red White and Blue.
Behind both these things reactionaries hide when they plan their wars of genocide.
They quote from the Bible scripture and verse, as they put another freedom fighter in a hearse.
They carry the Stars and Stripes over the water where they rob and rape, and steal and slaughter.
When people rise up to fight this disgrace,
some sucker always slappin' a Bible in your face, sayin'
turn the other cheek, that's what so and so said,
your reward's in heaven when your ass is dead!
The Bible and The Flag, The Bible and The Flag,
they're putrid and they're rotten and they'll make a maggot gag.
That King James crap and the red white and blue,
if you're about liberation, they don't mean shit to you.
If you want to fight the power, and struggle to be free,
then you can't uphold the banner of your class enemy.
And if you're looking for some watchwords in your quest for liberty—
don't look in the pages of bourgeois IDEOLOGY

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